Moonlight Avenue – Gerri Hill

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A while ago, Timber Falls, Gerri Hill’s latest book, came out. And then I thought, now I have to wait for the next book. Or just read her books again, never a punishment. But then I thought to myself: do I really have all her books now? I checked it out, and sure enough, I didn’t have Moonlight Avenue yet 👯‍♂️! Immediately bought and read of course. Are her books always an instant fav? No, sometimes not. Most of them are though, and this one too😊.

This time it’s about Finley (Fin) Knight, a private detective. Fin is a loner. The only friends she has are old Sammy, who lives in the building where she does her business, and an elderly neighbor. She is not lonely. However, about 6 months earlier, she had a one-night stand with a woman she immediately felt a connection with. She woke up alone though. And she never saw her again after that. But she still regularly thinks about that impressive meeting.

In the meantime, she is busy with her work. Fin has plenty of orders. Mostly from people who suspect they are cheated on by their partner. When one of her clients is murdered, a seemingly simple case takes a different turn. Fin meets the detective Dee Woodard through the murder case, from which a friendship develops. But after a murder close to home, the story takes a grim turn.

In this situation, Rylee Moore applies to Fin for a job as an assistant. Fin is shocked to see that Rylee is the woman she spent that one fantastic night with. But does Rylee even remember that?

Rylee certainly remembers that. Fin made an equally indelible impression on her too. But because Fin doesn’t say anything, she keeps her mouth shut. She desperately needs a job, and she doesn’t want to risk it. And even though Fin isn’t keen on it, she hires Rylee anyway. Despite the fact that Rylee has zero experience in detective work. Apparently, Fin can’t say no to Rylee🥰.

Meanwhile, the murders are spreading and it’s getting harder and harder for Fin and Dee not to team up to catch whoever is behind it. Rylee turns out to have a talent for detective work and goes on the road with Fin. Also, for protection. As a result, they start talking to each other more and more. Now they have to be honest with each other about that night, right!? Well, they don’t mention it for a very long time. It drove me crazy 😂.

Moonlight Avenue has it all for me: good romance, good detective, exciting story, strong characters, nice dialogues, beautiful friendship. The sex is less present than usual in Gerri Hill books. Still, I didn’t miss it in this book because, as I’ve noted before, when the tension and desire is well described, it’s just as exciting. And that was done very well in this book 😍❤️.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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