The X Ingredient – Telanu

The X ingredient - Telanu
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I’ve actually never gotten any further in the TDWP fandom than the stories of Telanu (pen name of Roslyn Sinclair). Actually, because I think, it can’t get any better than this 😊.

This is really such a bizarre story actually. It turns out that when Miranda’s new assistants prove to be reliable, they are entrusted with a special task. This task involves giving Miranda oral satisfaction. During office hours, while sitting at her desk 😳🤭.

Very special, but Andy is fully committed to her task. She’s never done this to a woman before. But when she does something, she does it well and examines how best to carry out her task. She will not let Miranda take for granted the way Andy is eating her under her skirts 🤭. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.

Anyway. Miranda does notice Andy after a while. In fact, she’s getting more and more involved. But so is Andy. Suddenly it’s more than ‘just’ sexual satisfaction.

I really think Telanu is a master at writing erotic stories. In fanfic everything is possible but with this story I first thought, uhm what is this 🤔. But it’s so good! Roslyn Sinclair has also rewritten the fanfic into an erotic novel. Also, very nice but with a slightly less ‘hot’ lining😇.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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