Don’t Ask Tig

Don't ask Tig with Sarah Paulson
Tig Notaro and Sarah Paulson

Tig Notaro is an insanely good comedian. She has a wonderful dry humor that I really love. Her style took some getting used to, but now… wow, she is so good!

Anyway, I was looking for another show of hers on Spotify and then I saw that she has her own podcast: Don’t Ask Tig. Here she receives super cool guests, including this one with Sarah Paulson, with whom she answers questions from listeners. However, you should not take the answers too seriously. But hey, the title of the podcast is a warning in itself 😜.

he Sarah Paulson episode was the first one I listened to because I think Sarah is so funny too. Ok, so just a warning: don’t listen to this one while you’re driving! Seriously, I laughed so hard that tears rolled down my cheeks. I didn’t see an ass anymore😂🤣. This is really hilarious. So good 👏👌!


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