Meridio’s Daughter – L.J. Maas

Meridio's Daughter - LJ Maas - XWP fanfiction
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Another XWP ‘blast from the past’. LJ Maas was a Xena fanfic legend. She has written great stories in the Xena fandom. Stories like this one. This was an uber fiction story, what would now be called an Alternative Universe.

Casey is Meridio’s Daughter and is on her way to Mykonos, the Greek island where her father lives and where she grew up. She is picked up from the airport by Tessa, the Karé, a kind of conseglieri, of her father. Tessa is a phenomenal figure, with her dark hair and blue eyes, and the stoic demeanor that betrays nothing of her emotions. Sounds familiar 😏?

Xena Warrior Princess
Xena Warrior Princess aka Tessa

But Tessa certainly has her own feelings and emotions to deal with. About the beautiful Casey, her boss, her childhood, and what happened next that made her hate Casey’s father. She’s known Casey for a long time, but Casey doesn’t remember her. That’s for the better because starting an affair with the boss’s daughter is a death sentence. Tessa therefore keeps Casey at a distance.

Gabrielle aka Casey

But of course, that doesn’t work. And after some time, they are on fire for each other, and they fall in love. Casey remembers more and more of her childhood, and of Tessa. And Tessa eventually has to tell the truth.

I have to be honest, this one almost didn’t stand the test of time. The way LJ writes, feels almost outdated. Nevertheless, this will always be my favorite because LJ is an XWP fanfic legend ❤️. And also, because, when I first read it a long time ago, I too was on fire with this story🔥🔥.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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