No Strings – Gerri Hill

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I love novels that have a no strings or fling trope in them. I don’t know, it’s the clandestine, giving in to the attraction without ending up in a relationship right away, that sort of thing. Not that I was ever like that myself. I’m still from the u-haul generation 😂. Or does that still exist? In any case, Gerri Hill also apparently wrote a no strings novel. Several even. But this one is real gold!

Police Chief Reese Daniels has made a little mistake and must pay for it by working for a while in sleepy Lake City, Colorado. She is used to a lot of crime and in Lake City almost nothing happens, at least nothing criminal. Reese is bored to death but keeps to herself and makes no contact with the local residents. Why should she, she’s only there temporarily.

Forest Ranger MZ Morgan has been living in Lake City for a while. She is used to the slow pace and likes her life like this. Although, a girlfriend would be nice. It is even difficult to find a date. Besides being quite distant, the new Police Chief is also quite attractive. So, when Reese suddenly suggests starting a no strings affair, Morgan agrees.

Neither Reese nor Morgan expected the sex to be this good between them. They even seem to get along very well outside the bedroom and spend more and more time together. But Reese constantly makes it clear that her time there is finite, and Morgan realizes that a relationship with Reese is impossible. Or not?

And of course, there is hope for Morgan. That’s not really a spoiler 😂. Oh, but this one is so good from Gerri! Morgan and Reese are one of my all-time favorite couples😍. The chemistry and the witty dialogues, the stoic Reese and the warm-hearted Morgan, I love it. I have read this book several times and will definitely do so again.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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