The Alpha God (book 4) – Collecting Stars – Lexa Luthor

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The 4th part already in this great series by Lexa Luthor. And I thought as I was reading, hmmm this is getting a bit predictable. That made me a bit worried that the series would not be as good. But nooooooo, thank goodness 🙏. This was again so good and full of exciting, surprising and emotional twists. Plus, the sex of course was😏🔥.

Collecting Stars begins with Charlie and her crew crashing into Kardos. Crashed again 😣. But this time through a heroic act. Charlie sets to work to get the injured Andren and Raine to safety. As a result, Charlie discovers that she can summon the Kalatos spirit. The spirit helps her, and Kal can find her.

In New Earth Charlie and Kal reunite. They express their hapiness in a familiar way 👩‍❤️‍👩😬. Kal does something insanely cool for Raine and our friends get to really work together for the first time. Kal wants to negate the fanatical group Alpha Prime. This group rejects Kal as leader. Kal realizes that unless the Kalmar work together, the Sworne will never be defeated. In addition, there is the suspicion that Alpha Prime is taking Earthlings hostage to trade for weapons.

Of course, Charlie is again the one, this time with Raine, who seeks the danger of rolling up the group. She gets assistance from the spirit. Kal has taught her how to control and use them. It’s part of Kal’s plan to negate the group.

A lot is happening, and Charlie is in mortal danger again. How or what I don’t say but how it will work out and what the conclusion is from Kal and Charlie is again so romantic and hopeful for the next part. Nevertheless, it turns out that Lexa Luthor is the master of the cliffhanger again 😱.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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