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Ok, have you ever liked a book so much that your eyes couldn’t absorb all the words fast enough? I’ve been through that several times, although that was a while ago. With this fic of powergrapes I experienced this once again 💎. Jesus, this one is so good!

Lena Luthor is a producer on the TV show The Bachelorette . Kara Danvers is the bachelorette, or the lead , in this show where she tries to choose the man of her dreams from 30 men who participate in the show. Lena has returned as a producer because her brother Lex is accused of sexual harassment when he was the show’s producer. The charges have not been formally made, but an article about these abuses was reason enough to discharge him from his duties.

Kara Danvers is sweet, clumsy, open, honest, friendly, funny, and beautiful. Lena finds it difficult not to be too friendly with her. Kara is also a fan of Lena from the first moment. She also finds her very beautiful. Which she finds strange because she has never looked at a woman that way before. In addition, she is there to find her future husband 😬.

Lena can’t forget Lex’s wrongs and tries to find out what happened. What Lex really did. Little by little she finds out more and more the truth. A truth she finds increasingly difficult to keep to herself.

Meanwhile, Kara and Lena’s bond grows closer. And it is Kara who dares to tell Lena that she has feelings for her. Through her role as producer, Lex’s plight, and her own fear, Lena tries to convince Kara that her feelings aren’t real. But Kara is not afraid and stands by her statement. It doesn’t take long for Lena to admit she has feelings for Kara too.

And then begins, so it takes a while, a fantastically beautiful romance between the two. Quite difficult to maneuver among all the men who would like to marry Kara. But it works. They are madly in love and secretly dare to think about a future after the show. Of course fate intervenes because such love, you apparently don’t just deserve it 😊🥰.

I could write an entire epistle about this. I don’t even know how to explain how much I like this or why. Powergrapes is just a really good writer and she wrote this fic for us, we can just read this. But I think it’s more than a ‘fic’. It’s just as much a novel. It’s been a long time since I was so captivated by a book, or fic. Immersive, intriguing, funny, super romantic, sexy, well put together, very well written characters (all), nice background (the bachelorette), good back story (Lex and his abuses). Oh and there is also a nice cameo in it, has nothing to do with SuperGirl 😊. Okay, I’ll shut up about it. Just ❤️❤️❤️!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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