Artist’s Dream – Gerri Hill

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Homosexuality and religion don’t really go hand in hand 😒. This usually is a subject that is best to avoid in a lesbian novel. But Gerri Hill is not so quick to answer to what is appropriate or not. She just writes a novel in which the subject takes on a leading role 😯.

In Artist’s Dream, Cassie Parker represses her sexuality. She likes women, but her father, the Reverend Parker, taught her from a young age that it is something abhorrent and avoid. Cassie tries her best to accommodate her father’s wishes. She even tries to start a relationship with a man she has absolutely nothing to do with or feels anything for.

Cassie doesn’t get hot or cold with the guy she’s dating. But when she first meets Luke, she is instantly on fire🔥. Luke is an architect and Cassie impresses her by the wooden sculptures she makes. As a result, the women start talking and a tentative friendship develops.

But Cassie can’t resist Luke. Luke is also attracted to Cassie. But she isn’t looking for a relationship either. Eventually, Luke and Cassie find out that they still want to take it a step further together. But unfortunately the father comes to visit unexpectedly. The infatuation and passion immediately cools off enormously. This throws Cassie immediately back into her conditioning.

Really, that father. I could do with him🤬. But as Gerri Hill can do so well, you find out why that man is the way he is. Does that make it okay for him to be so incredibly rude to his daughter? No. But somewhere, as a person, I could have some understanding for that abhorrent behavior😬. Nice book this. Oh, one thing though. I personally thought there was a kind of open ending in addition to the happy ending…..🤔

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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