Fated Love – Radclyffe

Radclyffe - Fated Love
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Remember when I wrote about Above All, Honor, I mentioned that Radclyffe’s books can be quite addictive. So, I fell into the honeytrap myself. Fortunately, I was able to climb out just in time, but I quite enjoyed myself in there for a while 😬. Especially while reading Fated Love 🥰.

Honor Blake is the chief of an ER department. When she suddenly gets a new employee in her ER without consultation, she is not happy to say the least. She doesn’t know who this Quinn Maguire is or what she’s doing there because she seems to be overqualified for the job of an ER doctor. In addition, she is also very attractive and that irritates her. She is certainly not waiting for that.

Quinn doesn’t feel very welcome in her new workplace. Her new boss Honor is not very warm to her. She is beautiful though and Quinn is uncontrollably attracted to her. But Quinn does have a secret. Something she wants to keep hidden from Honor at all costs. She therefore tries to keep her distance and hide her desire.

But Honor is also increasingly attracted to Quinn and the situation quickly spirals out of control.

Quick sidenote. I always try to describe the books in my own words, but my own text makes me laugh so hard! But the story is really as corny as I describe it, and I really, really liked it! Because Radclyffe is so good at describing the passion and desire between the two women 🥵. I have never, in any other book, read that a woman for example becomes ‘hard’ for another woman😳. But of course, that happens with women as well when they’re turned on, you just don’t see it 😏.

Anyway. It’s also a beautiful romance that Radclyffe describes in this book. Both Honor and Quinn have been through serious things in their lives. The fact that they get together against their better judgment is beautifully written. I really believed in their love. You know, the one that everyone wants ❤️.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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