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Clexa fanfic - Make America Gay Agian by faithtastic
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Faithtastic is back! The author of Clexa classics such as Don’t Wanna be Your Girl , Cut to The Chase , and Grand Slam Thank You, Ma’m. And this one is just as good💎❤️.

The premise of the story is also brilliant. This time Lexa is the daughter of Titus Woods, a conservative Republican with right-wing leanings. Clarke is a rebellious activist who opposes everything Titus Woods stands for.

Lexa and Clarke meet during a speech by Titus. Clarke gets arrested by the police for throwing eggs at the speaker. Throwing eggs at politicians is apparently unacceptable 😏. Lexa also gets a load all over her. Nevertheless, it is Lexa who pays Clarke’s bail and comes to pick her up from prison.

It turns out that Lexa doesn’t support her father’s ideas at all. She is a lesbian herself, something she keeps hidden under duress from her stepmother Nia. She wants to help Clarke stop her father from carrying out his ideas.

When Clarke and Lexa meet to see if and how they can help each other, things are quickly ignited. It turns out that Lexa is not to the stiff bitch Clarke thought. She is sexy and passionate and appears to be just as impressed with Clarke 🔥🔥. Clarke is determined to help Lexa, both out of the closet and with her father.

I found the way faithtastic manages that in the story surprising. She pays a lot of attention to the threat of the gay community by, for example, conservative politicians. The acquired rights are not set in stone and vigilance is required in order not to lose those rights. It’s about standing up for who you are and embracing your freedom. And Lexa and Clarke? Everything turns out fantastically for them 🥰. Wonderful story. I am such a fan of this writer🌹❤️.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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