Missed Connection – Stephanie Shea

Stephanie Shea - Missed Connection lesbian romance
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I started reading this book right after Chef’s Kiss and again, this was a wonderful story by Stephanie Shea. Perhaps a little less layered than Chef’s Kiss but still a title I would call a favorite.

Missed Connection tells the story of Ky Logan and Avery Dimaano, an acquaintance from Chef ‘s Kiss. They meet at Sydney airport and travel back to the US together. Apparently, that acquaintance ended with a heated kiss.

Avery hasn’t forgotten the kiss, but she’s straight and doesn’t think much about it. Yet she has stayed in touch with Ky and now half a year later since that first meeting, they will meet again.

Ky didn’t forget the kiss either. But unlike Avery, Ky is a lesbian and can’t forget the beautiful Avery. When Ky is back in San Francisco for a close friend’s wedding, she meets up with Avery. But due to an accident in Avery’s apartment, their lunchdate ends prematurely. Avery temporarily seeks shelter while her apartment is being refurbished. Ky suggests that she stays at her place. That’s how Avery and Ky end up living together for a while.

Avery finds she can’t forget the kiss after all. And more than the sexual attraction she feels towards Ky, she feels safe and familiar with her. Does this mean she wants more with Ky? Ky definitely wants more; she is fast falling in love with Avery despite all the warnings from her best friend. She was really hurt in a previous relationship and never entered a real relationship after that. In the end, Avery turns out to be the tougher of the two and confronts Ky with her feelings for her.

This novel is so lovely. But what I also liked so much is the language Stephanie uses. Very smooth, modern, without falling into ‘slang’. Refreshing and different from what I’ve read elsewhere. I wonder what else Stephanie will show. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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