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I discovered this gem of a story through a question I asked on Reddit. There are so many fanfic stories out there and I’ve read so many, but I was wondering if I might have overlooked something. I asked what was the most romantic Supercorp fic people had read. The Fifth Wall was mentioned several times. The summary sounded nice, so read on. And this one is fun! Very well written, nice, sweet, funny, exciting, good plot, and very romantic 🥰😍! Definitely in my top 3 SC fics 🏆.

In this brilliant story, Lena and Kara wake up in the same bed. naked. While Kara was sure she had gone to bed with Mon-El 😧. The house they wake up in is not familiar to them either. When they have recovered somewhat from the shock, they also hear a child calling for them.

The mystery is complete. Apparently they have woken up to a different reality. A reality in which Lena and Kara have been married for 3 years. And they have a daughter who is almost 2 years old. A daughter of theirs together apparently. But not everyone around them believes this reality. This together with the high activity of hostile aliens suggests that something else is going on here than ‘just’ another reality they are in.

Kara and Lena search for answers. Meanwhile, they try to give each other some distance by sleeping elsewhere. This doesn’t work because apparently they are meant to be together and keep waking up together. Kara begins to wonder more and more about what this means and what exactly her feelings for Lena are.

Lena, in turn, has recovered from the shock that she is suddenly the mother of their daughter Lizzy. Lizzy feels more and more like her daughter and she takes her job as a mother more and more seriously. And Lizzy is great! The scenes with her are so funny and touching. Even I fell head over heels for that child 😊. This new reality is becoming increasingly important to Kara and Lena. Only, it’s not real! But what it really is….

You really have to read for yourself how it all comes together, and how Kara and Lena deal with their new situation. It is so romantic! And the story is so well put together. I was really looking forward to the denouement. I thought: how will Black_Tea_and_Bones bring all this together?! But she does it very well. I was also really moved. By the way, if you’re into audiobooks, there’s even a podfic of The Fifth Wall !

the fifth wall - black tea and bones - supercorp

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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