Stupid Wife (online series)

Stupid Wife - YouTube series
To be seen on YouTube

The title of this online series I find quite unappealing 🤨. I’m sure it is meant in a different way. This series is based on the book Lembre-se de Nós by Brazilian Nathália Sodré. Unfortunately, I can’t read or write Portuguese. But the subtitles of the series are quite good. I think🙃.

It’s a nice story. Luíza and Valentina are students and classmates. Luíza doesn’t like Valentina at all. She represents everything she doesn’t like about another and hates her. Valentina finds the opposite of Luíza. But it will never work out between them.

Apparently something has changed because Luíza wakes up one day, 10 years older, married to Valentina and they have a son together. She appears to suffer from dissociative amnesia and has forgotten everything about falling in love with Valentina and their marriage together. She must rediscover herself, who she has become. And Valentina, she’s trying to do everything she can to win her wife back.

Hmmm, this is nice. I haven’t seen everything yet, but it reminds me a bit of the Mexican series Juliantina , and that was definitely fun😍🥰. I’m going to learn Spanish and Portuguese I think someday when I have more time🤓.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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