Leap of Faith

Art found on DeviantArt. Fuck, I forgot the name of the artist. Sorry!

So I started this blog site purely for myself. Reading and writing about lesbian things, mainly books and fanfic, turns out to be my favorite hobby 🥰. Anyway, I chose to write in Dutch. Mostly because I am Dutch and I thought that it would be easier to express myself. Even though all the books I read (99,99%) are in English. The other thing was that I thought it would entice Dutch women to read in English. No idea were I got that from. I guess it was something I just figured.

And now, 124 posts later, I feel I want to switch to English. You see, all other interaction I have on these topics is in English. And it’s not that I am being overwhelmed with feedback by Dutch speaking persons. But they remain very welcome to do so, in Dutch if they prefer 😊!

Also, I love the English language so why not express myself in that language? That is the reason I am taking this leap of faith, for myself. Because frankly, it does feel weird switching to another language after this long.

So there it is. I will leave the translator plugin obviously so that will help translate to another desired language. For now that is a bit tricky for the site is currently bilingual. I am working to translate all pages and posts to English though. Gives me something to do 😝.

Update 11-6-22: I’m translating all my posts to English. It’s a looooooot of work, but a labor of love, nevertheless. Anyway, when I’m done, I will deactivate the Google translator. The translation is crappy anyway.

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