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harper bliss - about that kiss - lesbian romance novel
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This book by Harper Bliss was actually a (lesfic) dream coming true for me. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine to sometimes fantasize that the female leads in a movie or tv-show actually, you know, hit it off 😉. Does that make me weird? I don’t know. Probably not though. And you know, maybe Harper has had those same fantasies sometimes because she wrote a novel about it. Well, about lead characters hitting it off for real, that is 😬.

So, in About That Kiss, world famous movie star Ida Burton has agreed to play one of the lead characters in a lesbian movie. She plays the lesbian character, and her co-star Faye Fleming plays her ‘curious’ counterpart. But what nobody knows, apart from a few close friends, is that Ida is indeed a lesbian. This movie is important for both actresses because starring in a lesbian movie is good for business. But for Ida it means so much more.

Anyway, Ida and Faye decide they need to get to know each other better in order to feel more comfortable witch each other. You see, they have to get quite intimate on screen and getting to know each other would help ease the tension surrounding that. They even practice the kissing scene. But then Ida notices that she feels something when she kisses Faye. It seems that Ida feels an attraction for her. Faye remains blissfully clueless. That is, until they tape the kiss and Faye becomes aware of how the kissing doesn’t feel like Ida is acting 🤔🤭.

Now Faye becomes the ‘curious’ friend in real life. And though Ida is reticent in satisfying her curiosity, she also can’t help giving in to her own desire for Faye. They start a sexual affair, but for Ida it is so much more. And through it all, she steels herself to burst out of the closet.

Harper Bliss always shares her fantasy cast with her readers. If you’d like to know who it was for this book, check it out here. It is so funny; I actually had those same people in mind while I was reading. I guess Harper did a good job transferring her fantasy cast on paper 😉. I loved About That Kiss very much. And I will admit that it was partly because this specific topic of celebrities and them coming out of the closet. I mean that is still a big thing, right? And well, it shouldn’t be. Thank you, Harper for writing this book 🥰.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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