Red Tide at Heron Bay – Gerri Hill

Red Tide at Heron Bay - Gerri Hill - lesbian detective
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I put the tag ‘enemies to lovers’ on this one. But it is not really. It’s more like a ‘dislike to like’ thing 😏. But this works so well in Red Tide at Heron Bay. This one is another Gerri Hill win for me.

Lauren Voss lives a quit life in Rockport. She runs her grandmother’s resort there, The Heron Bay Resort. She has adopted her new easygoing lifestyle after living in San Diego, and the slow pace in Rockport. All is well. That is, until a case of vandalism forces her to engage with the police.

Detective Harley Shephard comes in to investigate the case. Lauren has an instant dislike for the slick and flirty detective. She dislikes especially the obnoxious Hawaiian shirts she is wearing. Unfortunately, the incidents escalate and Lauren is forced to spend more time with Harley.

Harley is attracted to Lauren. And when she spends more time with her, she feels she can trust her. She opens up to her. Lauren learns then that the Hawaiian shirts have a deeper meaning. They act as a mask. A front to cover the deep grief that Harley carries with her. They both embark on a thrilling exploration in finding whoever is behind the horrible crimes, and in finding each other.

Like I said, this is another winner for me. I fell hard for Harley. It wasn’t a surprise that Lauren succumbed as well 🥰😏

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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