V’s Not Just for Victory – Sextual

V's Not Just for Victory - Sextual - Supercorp fanfic
Read it on Archive of Our Own, art is by Papurrcat

This is again a hot Supercorp fic by Sextual. And it’s also again really funny. It read like a comic in some way.

In V’s Not Just for Victory Lena is the team captain of Omega National’s sports team. Every year they lose to their rival, Alpha Academy’s team. She cand stand them, especially their captain Kara Danvers. Lena’s had it and will do anything to win the trophy this year.

But then Lena goes into an unexpected heat and that will throw her plans. Or not? The Alpha’s seem quite disturbed by her heat and run around like lunatics 😂. Kara is as intoxicated by Lena’s scent as her teammates. But she seems capable to control herself. Until she catches Lena alone in the dressing room and things between them heat up 🔥.

It’s low, but Lena uses her heat to throw the Alpha team. It drives Kara crazy and it’s hard for her to keep her teammates in check. Meanwhile, Lena likes Kara more and more and it almost makes her don’t give a damn anymore about the trophy. But not quite. She’s still team captain and therefor she maintains her aloof stance towards Kara and her team. But it’s just for show because, well, Lena’s a goner for Kara. And Kara, let’s say she wouldn’t mind losing to Lena 😏.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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