The Night Off – Meghan O’Brien

The Night Off - Meghan O'Brien - lesbian erotica
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The Night Off is another fantastically good erotica novel by Meghan O’Brien. It’s not that I am an absolute fan of erotica per se. When I do read one once in a while, it needs a healthy dose of romance outside the sex. Otherwise, it’s too one-dimensional for me. The balance in Meghan’s books is perfect for me. The sex in the book tips the scale in its favor though. That’s what makes it erotica, obviously 😉.

In The Night Off, Emily Parker takes a night off from her self-imposed strict life. She is raised by her drug addicted parents. Since then, she has taken it on herself to take care of everybody but herself. So now, she wants to treat herself by hiring someone to whom she can relinquish her control. To whom she can surrender sexually, since she’s been living a celibate life for too long.

Nat Swayne is the best candidate to grant Emily her wish, and more. She is sexy and confident. And there’s no question that she can fulfill her clients’ fantasies. That is why she is so in demand. She is a master in make-believe. But she will never get emotionally involved with her clients. Until she meets Emily. There is something about her that makes her loose her mask. She wants to take care of Emily. And not just as a client.

Emily gets swept away in the act that Nat performs. But after numerous sexual acts, she feels a change. There is a closeness between them that she can’t deny. Nat and Emily decide to take it a step further. They try to make it in the real world, outside the fantasy bubble. That proves to be a challenge for both of them.

There is a BDSM dynamic between the two. But this doesn’t get too extravagant. I loved the dynamic Meghan created between Nat and Emily. Nat is so sweet and caring. She has to be to get Emily to really surrender, longer than just the one night ❤️.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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