Lucifer Rising – SL Bowers

Lucifer Rising - SL Bowers - XWP f/f fanfic
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This story was originally an Uber Xena fic. Later it was first published in 1999. I had a copy but after a few reads, the pages fell out. Tried to buy a new one but it’s out of print (used only). Fortunately, the story is also still available online.

In Lucifer Rising journalist Elizabeth (Liz) Peterson goes undercover to reveal the true story behind Jude Lucien. Jude is a former DEA-agent who seems to have chosen the dark side. Liz believes that there is more to it than what is now known about the rogue agent.

Liz decides to use her feminine whiles to get Jude’s attention 😏. She succeeds beautifully. But Liz has no idea what she is getting herself into. When Liz accepts Jude’s invitation to go home with her, she is determined to let go. Jude is beautiful and enigmatic. And Liz feels safe with her.

Liz soon finds out that Jude herself and the world she lives in is all but safe. Through certain events Liz stays with Jude for a while. She discovers that Jude Lucien has many layers, and she feels the need to unravel them all. But will Jude let her. For Jude it is essential to hold on to the dark. There is too much hidden there that is too dangerous to reveal.

Lucifer Rising is a typical romance. Light versus dark, love versus hate, sweet versus harsh, peaceful versus bloodlust, etc. And I love it! It’s so dramatic and the oppositions are so good. Because it’s the Xena/Gabrielle dynamic. It fits perfectly. Well, with a little extra to it of course 🥰🔥. When I read this the first time, I was enthralled by it. Still am. Thank you SL Bowers 🌷💚.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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