No Rings Attached – Rachel Lacey

No Rings Attached - Rachel Lacey - lesbian romance
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I experienced No Rings Attached as a hidden gem. To me that is, for it’s a very popular book. But when I read the blurb I thought, ok well this seems like a nice romance. I like the fake relationship trope, heard good things about it, and about Rachel Lacey, so why not. And it is a very nice romance, but with a fascinating back story. Color me so surprised when I found out that the fake relationship trope was just a minor part of the story.

Lia Harris is travelling to London to attend her brother’s wedding. To get her mother of her back about her being single, her friend Rosie asks her best friend Grace Poston to be her fake date at the wedding. Lia has never met Grace and she is pleasantly surprised by how stunning she is.

Grace helps Lia out just for the sake of her friendship with Rosie. Turns out that she really likes Lia, and she even feels an attraction for her. But Grace doesn’t do relationships, and they live an ocean apart. What good would it do to start something.

Then in between the faking and the one bed thing, they share more about themselves with each other. Lia has an exceptional way of getting Grace to open up. So much so that Grace agrees to face her deepest fears and get to some truths she might not even really want to know. This part of the story was really beautiful to me. On their journey the women start an affair, even though Grace holds on to her ‘no relationship’ card.

Even the stubbornness of Grace, or rather her fear, in denying herself love, was so believable. I truly believed that it could well end in heartbreak. It even did. For a while. I really enjoyed this love story very much 🥰❤️.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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