Heaven Down Here – Rebecca Hall

Heaven Down Here - Rebecca Hall - XWP fanfic
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It’s time for a XWP classic! Heaven Down Here was released in 1996. When I began to think how many years ago this is, I couldn’t believe it has been 26 years 😱! That is a bit frightening, to tell you the truth. Luckily my brain still works, and I can remember this story as if it was yesterday. Which is no surprise since I reread it recently. But I did read it again because I remembered it was so hot.

It starts with Gabrielle who encounters for the first time the gruesome actions by soldiers in a battlezone. She is mortified by it; Gabrielle is young and innocent in a lot of things. Certainly, in the department of sex or being intimate with someone. She seeks comfort with Xena by sleeping at her side to feel safe again. But then she discovers that being so near to Xena makes her feel other things as well. For Xena, this only fans the flames of her feelings for Gabrielle.

After a while, Gabrielle can’t control her desire anymore and wants to act on it. Xena, on the other hand is of course very doubtful that she should be the one to ‘deflower’ Gabrielle 😏. But Gabrielle does not share this noble notion and takes action. Well, our warrior is fierce but this a force she cannot withstand. She succumbs to Garielle’s seductive play. What ensues is what you can imagine and then some 🤤. The sex between them is extremely hot. But it is so because they are who they are, and they are so much in love it’s unfathomable.

Oh, the nostalgia when I read this again. The big, beautiful, stoic warrior, with such a soft heart for the sweet, gorgeous, brave, loving bard. And the nutbread of course. And the Amazons! Let’s not forget the formidable Amazons 😍. Yes, Rebecca Hall wrote a classic with Heaven Down Here ❤️.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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