Musings: The G!P Thing

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Me after my long musings, art by s-t-a-r-gazer

G!P stands for girl penis. I chose to include this tag for all omegaverse books and stories I write about. You know, to avoid confusion 😏. This War of Needs was the first omegaverse story that I read. And I remember that I was so confused. Not because of the G!P thing, but that I liked the G!P thing 🤔.

From then on, I read more stories. And a number of them I didn’t love. But a lot of them I did love. Those are the ones I wrote a post about on my blog. But I kept on wondering why I liked those stories so much. The things I wondered about were:

So, do I like the dick?

Or do I like that it’s a woman with a dick?

Would I like to have a dick?

Is it heteronormative?

Is it patriarchal manifestation?

Am I still a lesbian if I like this so much?

Or is it that they can do things I wish I could have done, i.e. pregnancy (you know, I’m just saying)?

And wait, aren’t I a bit too old to be so confused about this?!

…. and so on. Yeah, that’s right. Those are some mystifying thoughts right 🤷‍♀️? And frankly, it bothered me.

And then Lexa Luthor took the leap and started publishing books in f/f omegaverse. She is such a great advocate for the genre. And I love her books! It’s such a thrill to see that many more do. She wrote an informative post about this genre on her blog: So, is it really F/F? In it she says:

Okay so does all this really mean that a female Alpha is actually a female? Maybe the female Alpha is kinda like a female with a strap-on on all the time? Also maybe the female Alpha is non-binary? Or maybe the female Alpha is… Well, we could keep going on with the debate.

In the end, the real answer is that it’s in the eyes of the reader.

– Lexa Luthor

From the cover of Of Iron and Gold by Lexa Luthor

When I was reading the stories and contemplating about this, I thought, this could be a trans person maybe, or intersex. Then there was this video which underlined this thought: In Defense of A/B/O fics. With this, together with Lexa Luthor’s wise words, I came to my own conclusion: oh whatever, I am still so into women. There is really no confusion there 😅. So, when I let go of the labels and the confusion about myself it comes to this: it doesn’t matter! None of it matters! Because sexuality can be fluid, obviously. I never really understood that notion. Until now.

Ultimately, my choice is to love what I like❤️.

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