Christmas Inn Maine – Chelsea M. Cameron

Christmas in Maine - Chelsea M. Cameron
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I love Christmas, I really do. There are a few things though, I am not a fan of. Things like the chaos in anticipation towards Christmas. People running around like crazy trying to get everything done before Christmas. The never-ending Hallmark Christmas movies my wife loves to watch, starting in November. Though I must confess that I secretly watch them with her. Frankly, I pretend that I don’t like them because I am not a softy, of course. That is why I love to read romance novels 😇😂.

Actually, I’m a bit like Colden Hayes. She is on her way to a cottage by the sea. Far away from the holiday chaos, she intends spending the holiday season reading books. She isn’t exactly a grinch. She just likes the quiet, and her books, in solitude. Bliss! But it is not to be. When she arrives at the cottage, she discovers it doesn’t exist 🤔.

At a loss she looks for a place to stay and ends up in The Sterling Inn. It’s a quaint place, cozy and homely, with a pig called Minnie walking around as the Inn’s pet 😂. The Inn, turns out, is owned by Laura Sterling’s family, Colden’s co-worker. Colden is not a fan of Laura. And Laura, who spends the holiday at her parents Inn helping out, is not that enthusiastic when she finds out that Colden is staying as a guest.

But her mother sees something between Colden and Laura, and she starts shipping them. In fact, the whole family is in on it. Even Laura’s hilariously funny great-grandmother Lillian. Colden ends up staying much longer than she plans to or wants. She gets swept up in the loving Christmas spirit of Laura’s family. And she gets to know Laura a lot better too. She finds out that she’s actually not that bad 😉.

Forget the Christmas movies. Christmas Inn Maine is so sweet, incredibly funny – laughing out loud funny -, heartwarming, romantic, really Christmassy, a melting grinch. Oh god, I’ve got tears in my eyes 😳. I loved this so much! Definitely a re-read every year ☃️🧑‍🎄. And why, oh why doesn’t anybody pick this up and turn it into a movie!?


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