Prime Ship Candidate: CaitVi – Arcane (League of Legends)

Arcane - CaitVi - fanfiction
Caitlyn Kiramman and Violet (Vi)

It’s not that I am looking for a new f/f pair to ship. But there are some out there that got my attention. Even though I am not reading the fics right now, because of luxury problems like not enough time, I know I will. And I’m 100% sure they will be awesome. I already have at least one bookmark waiting for me 😎.

Why CaitVi (follow this link for AO3 and other fanfic tags)? Well, contrary to other shows with pairs I ship, I watched the TV Series Arcane and I was blown away by it. I didn’t know the videogame League of Legends. And I also didn’t know of the TV Series, until I saw some (NSFW) fanart by Okonomiyaky. I was, let’s say, intrigued 😏. Luckily so because I immediately binged the whole season and can’t wait till season 2 starts. The animation, the writing, the storylines, the depths of the characters, the soundtrack, the worldbuilding, the despair, the sadness, the hope, the good, the bad, and the brave. All of it, is extraordinary.

The storyline for Violet (Vi) and her friendship with Caitlyn Kiramman is begging for tons of fantastic fics. They are two opposites who happen to come together and find a common goal, or even purpose. The dynamic of the characters is raw and fabulous. It develops slowly but steadily. And the creators put the chemistry in there and it is unequivocally canon. I hope. Season 2 will tell 🙏.

Art by Okonomiyaky

Another fascinating character is Vi’s sister Jinx. She is awesome, but also terrible, she is a genius and a lunatic, she hates Vi and she loves her. You feel sad for her, and you hate her. I was deeply impressed by her. Kudos for the creators of this show 👏.

Arcane - Jinx

For now, I can only say to be continued. For sure ❤️.


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