Chasing a Brighter Blue – Gerri Hill

Chasing a Brighter Blue - Gerri Hill - lesfic
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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas over here. Really, our house has had the annual metamorphose and there’s no escaping it 🎄. But I like it. I like Christmas. Especially Christmas romance, preferably lesfic style. And who better to write the best ones than Gerri Hill. God, I love her writing.

In Chasing a Brighter Blue Shelby Sutton meets photojournalist Reagan Bryant during a two-week celebration in Colorado with family and friends. They have never met but they are about to become family when Shelby’s sister Stephanie marries Reagan’s brother Josh. They’ve decided on a Christmas wedding. Oh jolly ⛄🤨.

The first time they meet in person Reagan lays on Shelby the fastest pick-up line in history. It doesn’t work, but Shelby is interested in this stranger with the sad eyes. But not like that, she doesn’t trust strangers. She thinks that women find Shelby most interesting because of her family’s wealth. They soon find out that their siblings are the ones getting married. Reagan feels foolish about her attempt at seducing Shelby, it was actually really out of character for her to do that sort of thing.

Stephanie asks Shelby to spend time with Reagan. They fear that something has happened to her during her work, but she won’t talk about it. Reluctantly she agrees but both women soon find out they actually enjoy each other’s company. And little by little they confide in each other. The more layers get peeled off, the more the attraction grows.

This is such an excellent holiday romance. It’s funny, heartwarming, the Colorado background is beautiful (I always want to live in the places Gerri Hill describes in her novels), Christmassy, and much more. The love story is exactly what I’m looking for this time of the year ❤️.


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