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Oath of Office - UninspiredPoet - Supercorp fanfic
Read it on Archive of Our Own, art by MissLane

I love Supercorp fics so much. It’s because of this delicious ship of course, but also the diversity in the stories. There is lots of variety in the stories, and there is a lot of variety in writers as well. For me that is one of the greatest things about fanfiction, and fiction as well. I saw a post on Reddit about AI creating well written stories. What freaked me out, besides the obvious, is that I thought: but maybe I have already read stories created by using AI and I didn’t realise it 😱! I cannot imagine it though. But I digress.

In this wonderful AU by UninspiredPoet we have president-elect Lena Luthor (blissfully single 😉) who is about to take office as president. Special agent Kara Danvers has been on her security detail for a while. She knows now she probably will stay there for at least the next four years. The two women spend a lot of time together, as you would expect. It’s inevitable they get to know each other better. Lena finds that she is attracted to Kara. What also seems inevitable is that Kara is attracted to Lena as well. But it is obviously a big no no for them getting together.

Lena is more and more protective of Kara and tries to keep her out of harms way, aka: she doesn’t want her to sacrifice herself in order to protect her. It’s all so romantic. And hot 🔥, for they eventually consummate their attraction. They just can’t deny their feelings. Unexpected things happen, secrets are revealed. Ultimately, the events bring them closer together. It leads up to them taking the next step in their love affair.

I love these kind of stories. Did I already say it’s romantic 😎. Oh, and Oath of Office has the happiest end you can imagine. One I haven’t seen that much in SC fics, which made it an added bonus.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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