Fangirling: SwanQueen

I wasn’t very familiar with the TV show Once Upon A Time (OUAT) which ran from 2011 to 2018. After I started watching the show, I dropped it after a few episodes. I don’t really know why. Basically I love fairy tales and this should be my thing. I probably thought it was too sweet. But guess what, years later I found out that this show has created one of the best and most beautiful femslash ship for years: SwanQueen.

OUAT is about the town of Storybrook. Henry, the son of Mayor Regina Mills, believes that all the residents are cursed. This causes them to forget that they are fairytale characters. Except Regina, the Evil Queen herself. Henry is an adopted child. One day he shows up on the doorstep of Emma Swan, his natural mother. Emma, according to Henry, is “the Savior” who can free the inhabitants of the curse.

Regina doesn’t like Emma (Miss Swan). She feels threatened by her and initially tries everything to get rid of her. Unfortunately for Regina, Emma is a tough one and she won’t be bullied. She now knows her son and wants to stay in his life. Slowly the relationship between Emma and Regina turns into mutual respect and the observant viewer sees their love for each other grow.

I say observant viewer because there is nothing in the show to indicate that there is a romantic love between the two. But apparently there were a lot of observant viewers who saw it very differently. Maybe it’s because of the gorgeous Lana Parrilla or tough Jennifer Morrison in her tight jeans. Or maybe it’s the delightful dynamic between these two women. The no nonsense, somewhat grumpy, but brave Emma, and the strict and dominant Regina (who is actually a softie) are a joy to watch 😍.

After reading some great fics in this fandom, I came to believe it too, those two. Again, a missed opportunity for a possible love affair between two strong female lead characters on a TV show. Because of the fanfiction I started watching the series again. I found it is not only sweet, but also original 🪄✨. If you want to know more about the OUAT fandom, look here.


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