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I had no idea. This story has been sitting on my e-reader for some time. Turns out that Falling In My Lemonade is hands down the funniest fic I have read to date! I was chuckling throughout the story with regularly bursts of laughter. This was alternated with somewhat heavy breathing because it was also really 🥵🔥.

Emma Swan starts at summer camp Auriga as counselor. Camp director Regina Mills is running the place with a strict hand. She makes it clear she is to be obeyed at all times. At first sight Emma is impressed with her, although more by her appearance than her attitude. During the first of several shower scenes (the shower is one of the MC’s 😅), it’s clear that Emma’s appearance thaws Regina’s icy demeanour as well.

Emma bunks with Ruby in a sorry excuse for a cabin. The flimsy thing gets blown away in a storm and Emma is assigned to stay at director Regina’s cabin. And share her bed. The one bed situation will make the evident attraction between them quite a challenge not to give in to it. As it turns out, Regina has no intention to deny herself of the lovely Emma. However, the carnal activities are all under strict rules. But soon Regina bends the rules whenever she sees fit. It’s giving Emma a whiplash.

It turns out that they work very well together. Evidently Regina loves to boss Emma around. And Emma thinks it’s rather hot to be bossed around. Especially by the gorgeous Regina. She does all that she can to make her happy. Absolutely anything! From appeasing Regina’s carnal needs, protecting Henry (Regina’s son), and hauling stuff around for her. One of her tasks even includes some unfriendly beaver action 😏. She takes these tasks more seriously than tending to her assigned campers, whose names she just can’t seem to remember. Emma is also not the right person to tell a young girl about the miracle of having a first period.

This is exactly my kind of humor. Regina and Emma deliver beautifully. Their characters are excellent and totally suited for this hilariously funny story. In addition they are two beautiful women with , shall we say, complicated personalities. Plus, they have the hottest of hots for each other. Also, I like Exquisiteliltart’s writing style: short chapters and concise. Fantastic read. I loved this very much ❤️. Truly Exquisite indeed!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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