You & Me & Holiday Wine – ekingston

You & Me & Holiday Wine - ekingston - Supercorp fanfic
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Oh yes! A Christmas AU Supercorp fic of sorts (read the tags). I love You & Me & Holiday Wine, because it’s the season you know 🧑‍🎄⛄. And it is a delightful story!

In this AU, Lena travels to Sam’s cabin in Colorado to pick up some work. Sam is staying there with her daughter Ruby and her girlfriend Alex. Alex’s sister Kara is also staying at the cabin. When they meet, the attraction is evident. Of course Lena is determined no to give in to her attraction to the stunning, extremely charming and lovely Kara. From the get go, she feels she is undeserving. When she can’t go home due to bad weather, Lena’s resolve to resist Kara fades away more and more. But, what happens in Colorado stays in Colorado.

And this is how it is. Lena’s issues have to get unraveled in order to give in to the undeniable pull Kara has on her. The pull that extents way beyond Colorado. In the mean time there is the mystery of Kara’s beautiful Disney-like hair, a romantic meeting in the dark, hotness in a cold, cold room, extensive paintballing, a lot of pining, snow fights, layers upon layers of clothing, a lot of cooking, loving though taxing friendships 😏, very funny inner thoughts and dialogue. And last but not least, extreme stubbornness. The stubbornness makes this the best romantic edging ever!

Ekingston started this fic 2 years ago. I just found out it existed because someone on Reddit recommended it to me. I’m so glad she did. I loved this story. A perfect read for this time of year ❤️.


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