Of Greater Marvels Yet to Be – seabiscuit

Of Greater Marvels Yet to Be - seabiscuit - Warrior Nun fanfic
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I promised myself I wouldn’t do it. There are so many fantastic stories yet to read, so many ships to adore. If I would expand my fanfic horizon then Caitvi was next in line. And then I would venture into Korrasami land. It seems that I am easily persuaded😇. This story was recommended to me by a reliable source 😎. So I had to read it. And here we are. Also, this is again an unfinished story. I am truly straying 🤏. [edit 27-12-22: seabiscuit posted chapter 5, the fic is complete now 🪅!]

Ava is a student working to obtain her PhD in religious studies. For this reason she delves into the Diocesean archives situated in a church to study a journal written by a nun who’s believed to have been a lesbian. Ava is supervised by Beatrice, a very stern, but equally attractive nun. Beatrice is the archivist and keeps a tight reign on her domain. Ava complies with all the strict rules Beatrice imposes. She is intrigued by this beautiful nun, who turns out to be the translator of the scandalous journal she came to read.

The two spend a lot of time together in the church archive and Ava is more and more attracted by the enigmatic Beatrice. Nothing can come of it of course, Beatrice is a nun! Ava’s friend Mary warns her that she should not pursue Beatrice. That it is wrong to even contemplate persuading Beatrice to engage in anything romantic, let alone sexual 🫣. Well, she wants/tries to do the right thing. However, what does Beatrice want? There are definitely signs that the attraction is mutual. How to stop this desire between them from spontaneous combustion?

I am glad that I strayed from my path with this one. Seabiscuit wrote a beautiful story with Of Greater Marvels Yet to Be. It holds a quiet, slow and sensuous vibe. The dynamic of the MC’s is spot on. I am so glad that Mary’s in here as well. I missed her character so much in Warrior Nun S2. The love story between Ava and Beatrice is passionate in a subdued way. Beatrice being a nun is very believable. Antsy and sassy Ava admires and respects Beatrice accordingly. All the same, they burn, together ❤️‍🔥.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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