Always Too Soon to Figure Out How to Be Without You – C_AND_B

always too soon to figure out how to be without you - 
C_AND_B - Supercorp fanfic
Read it on Archive of Our Own, art is by PapurrCat

I love to immerse myself in lengthy novels. Not too long, but enough to flesh out the whole story and characters. Sometimes though I come across some fantastic shorter stories. Like this one by C_AND_B.

In Always Too Soon to Figure Out How to Be Without You (short story, lengthy title 😏), Lena is about to die. She decides that the last thing she wants to do on this earth is finally tell Kara that she’s in love with her. She calls her to make her confession. But apart from the romantic gesture, Kara wants to know where she is so she can help her. Lena doesn’t know, so she makes her peace knowing that Kara knows her deepest truth.

Kara isn’t Supergirl for nothing. She saves her! Now Lena lives with her words of love out there in the open. That is not a priority though. First she has to recuperate. Kara helps her with her healing process and she respects the situation between them. However, Lena has little regard for her own safety and Kara has a savior complex. This helps them to face the truth of their mutual feelings.

So romantic, saving your last words to tell somebody you love them. It’s also a bit cowardly, don’t you think? But who cares, Lena lives and she gets to face the consequences. And they are good ❤️🥰!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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