A Six-day Exercise in Denial – sapphic_luthor

A Six-day Exercise in Denial - sapphic_luthor - Supercorp fanfic
Read it on Archive of Our Own, art is by MissLane

This is another terrific short story. Amazing how much passion and desire sapphic_luthor manages to fit in this 11K fic 🔥! Flames get fanned when a healthy dose of jealousy enters the game.

While playing a word game Kara and Lena are playing with Alex and Kelly, Kara casually drops the fact that Andrea kissed her. Alex is horrified by this news trinket, Andrea is Kara’s boss! Kara is flustered by Alex’s outburst. Kelly just laughs at the antics by the two sisters. Lena though grows exceptionally quiet. The only one who finally notices Lena’s silence and posture is Kelly. She is shocked when she comes to the realization that Lena is jealous of Andrea kissing Kara.

Lena is furious with Andrea for kissing Kara. Andrea even boasts about the encounter with Kara. She’s Andrea’s bodyguard so in close proximity most of the time. It stands to reason that they crossed the line. Lena knows how difficult it is not to. She herself is in love with Kara and would like nothing more than be able to kiss her. Yes, she is jealous. She is jealous because she wants Kara for herself 🥹. Kara though is clueless, for a while. But then she isn’t, and she shows Lena who she really desires ❤️.

Uhm, what can I say. Lena being possessive and Kara showing confidence and easing Lena’s insecurities is hot 🥵🔥!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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