2022 Recap and Anniversary

I started this blog exactly a year ago today. It was something I had been thinking about for a while. It started out as a review site for lesbian fiction. But it didn’t feel right. There are already numerous review blogs, sites, etc. There are numerous blogs, sites, etc, writing about lesbian fiction, period. What could I possibly add to that? Still, I wanted to do something. So I thought, why not make it something of my own, like a book club of one? And that was the start of Mylesficfavs. Later on I realized the best way to describe my blog is that I write posts about my personal favorite recommendations 😉.

My first post: The Great Charade – Gerri Hill

Now, a year later, I wrote 148 posts 😯😱! No idea how I did that, or better yet when 😂! But it is so much fun just doing something that gives me so much joy and pleasure. Picking which ones to write about wasn’t hard at first. By the time I started Mylesficfavs, I had a vast backlog of books and fics I had already read. A lot of the time it was simply backtracking to the ones I’d enjoyed the most. There hasn’t been a vast backlog for a while now though. I just read, a lot or as much as I can in my spare time. And there are still a lot of titles on my tbr-list. In 2022 my backlog and tbr-list expanded greatly with fabulous ships like Supercorp and SwanQueen and the delicious fics written in their fandom.

A special thanks goes to all the fabulous writers of lesbian fiction and f/f fanfic! Thank you all for making this possible ❤️!

My best of the best in 2022

Which ones were the best of the best I’ve written about? Well, it is obviously an impossible endeavor to choose a top 10 of my favorite titles. But I was thinking: suppose electricity would become scarcer and scarcer, and I wouldn’t be able to power up my e-readers, tablet, phone, pc, laptop or tablet 😖. Which printed copies of books and fics would I haul with me wherever I went so that I would always be able to read them 🤔? After a lot of thought (because it is impossible to choose), I came up with these 20 titles. I guess it will be a lot of weight to carry around with me, but it’ll be worth it! Here they are, in no particular order:

Top 10 fanfics

My top 10 f/f fanfics in 2022

Top 10 lesbian novels

My top 10 lesfic books in 2022

What’s next?

For 2023 I anticipate more fabulous books and fics to write about. I got some 100+ books and at least as many fics on my tbr-list. And I know great titles will be published next year, like book 6 in the Don’t Call Me Hero serie, the conclusion in Tori Hunter’s story. the new Anna Burke, and so much more. I look forward to reading fics with new ships like Avatrice (Warrior Nun) and CaitVi (Arcane). And there are more to discover. But, alas, I only got so much time. It’s a luxury problem, so that’s ok. This is my favorite hobby and is still so much fun doing. And when I’ve read something that I genuinely loved, I’ll write about it. So I say:

On to next year………

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