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a history of wine - seabiscuit - supercorp fanfic
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In the first week of a new year, everything is the first something of the year. So hereby I give you my first Supercorp fic rec in 2023 😍. And it’s such a good one to start with. This fic by seabiscuit holds exactly the mood I was after this time of year.

Lena Luthor is moving from New York City to rural Maine. She has bought a vineyard and the house that comes with it. She moved there to make a new start after divorcing her husband. That is, she is trying to divorce him. He seems to remain hopeful that Lena is going through a phase and will return eventually to him and their cosmopolitan life.

The house and the grounds need work and Lena hires landscaper Kara to fix and shape the surrounding grounds of the house. Kara is very good at her job and has a laid back approach to things. This includes how she approaches Lena. Kara is friendly and open, and really sweet. Beautiful too. She opens Lena up to really embrace the new possibilities in life she has chosen for herself. Lena starts to feel things she has never felt before, for anyone. So much so that Lena decides it’s time to make real decisions. Decisions that make room for real love in her life, for the first time.

I love seabiscuit’s style. Her fics are so romantic! Not in a swooning way. More in a raw, tearing open emotions, kind of way. The Lena in A History of Wine is kind of dark and closed of of her emotions. Kara is all sun and respectful. It’s a representation of Lena and Kara that is recognizable of course. Still, this fic made me feel this vibe in a whole new way. It’s a testament of seabiscuit’s excellent writing 👌.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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  1. I love your recs and have spent these summer holidays (southern hemisphere!) reading a lot of Supercorp. Thank you for your engaging style and very good taste in fiction.

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