Gonna Make You Sweat – Jazzforshire

Gonna make you sweat - Jazzfordshire - Supercorp fanfiction
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Another thing that is part of the beginning of the year is New Year’s resolutions. Top ‘favorite’ one is getting fit, hitting the gym, dreams of that elusive toned body, well you get it. This short Supercorp fic is an appropriate one to motivate you 😏.

Ever since Lena started dating James, Kara hasn’t been seeing much of her friend. In a desperate attempt to spend more time with Lena, she joins her at the gym working out. Even though Kara doesn’t need any workout. Big mistake. Kara has a crush on Lena and seeing her in her tight yoga pants is only making it worse.

But she persists. Anything for spending more time with Lena. She breaks some equipment along the way, bending bar bells for example, when she sees Lena doing things in her tight pants that makes her salivate. After several torturous workouts, Lena tells her that she and James broke up. Then Kara says something that she didn’t mean to say out loud. The way Lena reacts to it, tells Kara that Lena has done some salivating of her own 😇.

Such a hot, light and funny fic. So motivational too. Lena and Kara discover the best exercise they can get together. Ok, that’s corny, Still true though 😂.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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