Wild Things – Karin Kallmaker

Wild Things - Karin Kallmaker - lesbian romance
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I recently reread this beautiful novel by Karin Kallmaker. It’s because I remembered a particular scene that stuck with me years after I read it. Reading it again was as powerful as I remembered. And now I understood Faith better. Still don’t understand the title though 🤔.

Or maybe the title has something to do with Faith’s thirst for women, a thirst she tries to deny with all her might. She is a devoted Christian, lives at home at 34 and has a platonic relationship with Eric. The thirst was unleashed years ago by Renee, a fellow student of Faith. Renee manipulated Faith in having sex with her and in stead of blaming Renee for her atrocious behavior, she blames herself.

But all that is in the past. Until she meets Eric’s sister Sydney. Sydney is climbing the political ladder, therefor she has to walk a straight path. She is a recovering alcoholic and known lesbian, that can be handled. But she was also a player (a really, really big player, I wondered if the number of women she slept with was a typo 😂). That kind of sordid behavior is a no can do for her political allies. But the attraction between the two is immediate and undeniable.

Oh wow, this novel. Faith is also a historian of mediaval strong women, my first love. There’s a fair amount of that in Wild Things. Faith also draws her strength from these women she writes about. Strength to break free and live her life how she wants it. It’s actually a moving story. And very romantic ❤️.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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