The 300 – Bucklethorpe

The 300 - Bucklethorpe - Clexa
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I missed Clexa and what better way to get into them again than by reading this fantastic fic by Bucklethorpe. The 300 is incredibly funny and romantic with the best witty banter ever! Though not strictly necessary, it’s best reading it if you know the whole Clexa story arc. It’s funniest that way and you’ll be cleansed of any remaining trauma 🥰.

Lexa is a stoic Christmas tree farmer. Clarke is a sassy student who accidently burns down a whole bunch of Lexa’s trees, 300 of them in fact. To atone for her crime, Clarke accepts her punishment by cleaning up and replanting the trees she destroyed. It’s a good thing she did though because when Lexa and Clarke meet, sparks fly.

But it takes our ladies a while to get to it. There’s Clarke and her political career ambitions that threatens to take her away from Lexa. And there’s Lexa with her stoic demeanor and insecurities. Luckily they’re surrounded by their dear friends (Raven is spectacular) and family who help the clueless pair on their path to everlasting love ❤️.

Well, I have read never a more romantic fic where I was laughing throughout the mushiest mush ever! The scene where Clarke meets Lexa to admit her crime, is hilarious. As were so many other scenes 😂! The whole dialogue during the tree trip was priceless. I never ever finished a fic laughing out loud with tears in my eyes. God, I am such a softy 🫠!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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