The Next Life – Lise Gold & Madeleine Taylor

The Next Life - Lise Gold - lesbian romance novel
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Lise Gold and her alter ego Madeleine Taylor wrote a hot romance with The Next Life. That’s how I remember it anyway. It was a particular scene that stuck with me 😏. But also Reina’s story which was strong and emotional to me.

In The Next Life Reina is just divorced. Her husband traded her in for a younger model. And now here she is, divorced, grown up kids, money to spend. But what to do with her life? Reina has lost her perspective and is looking for how to begin again.

Things get more interesting for Reina when she meets Belle, her new pool technician. She suspects Belle could be gay and feels an interest for her. Belle wakes her up, so to speak. When her friend Sasha suggests getting back out there by using an escort, Reina takes her advice. But then Reina finds Belle on the escort’s website. This only fuels her growing attraction for Belle. However, she couldn’t hire Belle as an escort. Or could she?

Belle, a single mother, works hard to earn enough money to set up her own business. Reina is one of her pool clients. She is attracted to Reina but knows that can’t go anywhere. Until Reina gives in to her attraction and hires Belle to have sex with her. They discover their mutual attraction goes beyond the sex. But where will it end? Can Reina come to terms with her sexuality?

I loved this sexy novel. It’s a romantic romance romancing the hell out of you 🥰. And it’s hot 🥵🔥🔥!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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