The Woman in 3B – Eliza Lentzski

The Woman in 3B - Eliza Lentzski - lesbian romance
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I believe this was the first of Eliza Lentzski’s standalone novels I read. I was hooked after that. Her novels are so sweet and romantic. Hot too! And her characters are amazing. They are often sweet, charming, awkward, aloof, strong willed, stubborn, but always likeable and they feel real.

Same goes for flight attendant Alice Kaminski in The Woman in 3B. Alice works a lot and lives alone with her turtle Honey. She lives her life basically in the air, and has no love life to speak of. In order to pay off a big part of her student debt, she plays her bingo card every month. It’s a childish game with 25 different challenges you have to cross off in order to win. But the prize money has gone up and up. So she plays. One of the challenges on this month’s card is to spill a cup of water on the passenger in seat 3B.

When Alice sees the woman in seat 3B, she can’t do it. The woman is beautiful and true to form, Alice gets flustered and empties the cup of water on herself. That’s how she meets Anissa Khoury. From then on they meet regularly on flights. And one time Alice discovers the attraction she feels for Anissa is mutual.

Things get interesting when Alice finds the courage to go to Anissa’s house with a flimsy excuse. They start something and it looks like they might even try to date after a while? Even though Anissa said she doesn’t do relationships. But there are things left unsaid. And things like that always tend to find a way to get uncovered.

I just love Eliza Lentzski’s novels. They are a comfortable and cozy read. But not fluffy. And she has a special knack for writing icy, hot characters😏🥰.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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