The Alpha God (book 7) – Army of One – Lexa Luthor

The Alpha God (book 7) - An Army of One
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The saga of Kal and Charlies continues in this 7th installment of The Alpha God series. Read no further if you don’t want any spoilers. It’s impossible not to give anything away since every installment ends with a major cliffhanger!

After book 6 I was anxious to know what would happen next. Of course I won’t spill all the beans, but I’ll say this: Charlie is a badass. Once she loves, she’s fearless ❤️!

Charlie and Kal are on Kander preparing for the looming invasion of the Sworne. They meet new possible allies and I learned a lot more about the Sworne, their history, and their planet. Frankly, while reading this I was thinking that Lexa Luthor has a fantastic and imaginative mind!

The romance between Charlie and Kal is more beautiful in every installment. There is no more denying them being true mates, to anyone. They are even planning for a family, regardless of the impending war with the Sworne. Army of One ends with one of Lexa Luthor’s famous cliffhangers 😬. I will say only this, Borg Queen anybody?

This series continues to amaze me. I love how I got to know the characters without ever leaving the focus of Charlie and Kal. The book is thick, a lot is explained, but is almost always character driven. The romance is key in the story and that’s just ❤️ and 🔥🔥🔥! That IP thingy they play with? If that was a real thing, I’d know what I want this Christmas 😂.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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