I Want Something Just Like This – Jazzfordshire

I Want Something Just Like This - Jazzfordshire - Supercorp f/f fanfic
Read it at Archive of Our Own, art by ekingston

I really didn’t notice it but I’ve read more than a dozen SC fics by Jazzfordshire. I probably will write more recs for the ones I read. But this one just couldn’t wait. And it isn’t even completed at this date! It’s just so good, I can’t wait 🥰.

I Want Something Just Like This is a Dancing with the Stars and Fake Dating AU. Personally I haven’t watched the show but reading this fic got me really excited for it 😂. Lena Luthor needs some positive PR. The idea is that her competing on Dancing With The Stars will do the trick. Thing is, Lena doesn’t dance. So she doesn’t think it’s a good idea. It’s a terrible idea! Until she sees the woman she’s been partnered with, Kara Danvers. She is good, very good. And very attractive.

Kara is the perfect partner for Lena. She is very talented, sweet, patient, and a brilliant teacher. They do very well together. And their chemistry is through the roof. On- and off screen 🔥. So much so that they decide to pretend they’re in a relationship. Good for PR, so what’s the harm? Well, it adds to the growing attraction Lena feels for Kara. An attraction that gets harder and harder to deny. Lena suspects same goes for Kara 😍.

This is the slowest of slow burns I’ve read, but it does burn at a steady pace 🥵. By now I don’t know what happens when they finally give in, except that it will be 🔥🔥.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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