I Wanna Know (Can You Show Me?) – Aspidities

I Wanna Know (Can You Show Me?) - Aspidities -  Supercorp fanfiction
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A Tarzan AU and Supercorp, does that work 🤔🤯?! Apparently it does when Aspidities writes it 😏.

When she is a baby Kara’s pod crashes on earth on a mountain in Africa. She is being raised by a group of mountain gorilla’s. She doesn’t know any different and has a jolly good time 😂.

One day a ship arrives carrying Lena Luthor, her brother Lex, and her fiancé Morgan Edge. They are searching for a treasure Lena’s father talked about before he died. Something buried in the mountains. On route in the jungle Lena slips and injures herself. Enter Kara to the rescue.

God, this whole interlude where Kara and Lena are alone in the jungle while waiting for Lena to recover, is hilarious! From Kara’s sniffing Lena, to the lessons in language in order to teach Kara to communicate. I was LMAO 😂. No idea if it was meant to be funny, but it was to me. It does get a little bit dramatic there, but it’s minimal.

In the end it’s all very romantic, weird and hot. Not a lot because Aspidities made her readers suffer a little bit by making this a slow burn LOL.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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