A Foolish Wit – seabisuit

A Foolish Wit - seabiscuit - Supercorp fanfiction
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Oh seabiscuit! How delightful your fics are 🥰. This one is no different. Original premise as well. What is it about you may ask? I will tell you.

After the death of her brother Lex, Lena Luthor has a problem. There are no more male heirs and Lena is forced to look for a husband she didn’t want or need, to keep the Luthor fortune in their family. Luckily, the towns blacksmith Clark Danvers seems a harmless enough party. And Clark needs money so they come to an understanding.

But then Lena finds that she is attracted to Clark, who has actually a more feminine appearance than one might find in a man. She is destined to find out what’s what with Clark. And why she wants him, or maybe hopefully Clark is not who or what he seems.

A Foolish Wit is a very nice historic novella. With Kara as the dashing Clark and Lena as the thirsty rich young lady determined to peel away Clarks layers, literally😏❤️.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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