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swanqueen fanfiction - coalitiongirl
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You just can’t go wrong with coalitiongirl. It’s no different with this one. Enemies With Benefits (Not Dental, Though) is gorgeous 🥰.

Emma and Regina are not dating. They are just fooling around with each other. There will be no danger for either of them to fall in love, or will there? Shouldn’t be too hard for Emma to resist falling for Regina. She persists she doesn’t like her, she’s done too many evil things. Though no one else remembers since the curse was recast, Emma does remember.

Henry resents his mother and turns to Emma for comfort and safety. This hurts Regina to no end. But Emma spends more and more time at Regina’s and Henry sees that she is a good influence on his mom. The two women keep up their affair but their rules get broken one by one. Still, no harm done as long they don’t fall in love so that the curse will be broke again by a true love’s kiss ❤️.

Wow, coalitiongirl can write 👌. She puts so much in such a short story. I was enthralled by it. She writes the most beautiful SwanQueen stories 💎.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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