Lena Luthor vs. The Outdoors – Jazzfordshire

Supercorp fanfiction
Read it on Archive of Our Own, art by Misslane

Best fic to read around Valentine’s Day ❤️. Jazzfordshire never fails, but this one just makes me fall for Kara and Lena all over again. Especially for Kara in this one. God, she is so adorable 🥰.

In Lena Luthor vs. The Outdoors Kara suggests to Lena to go on a camping trip 😯. That can’t be good, Lena and camping 🤔? Won’t exactly go hand in hand 😂. But Lena is in love with Kara and does everything she wants. Even camping, and hiking, and kayaking, swimming in bikini’s, and sleep in a tent, in one bed 🫣.

Kara is her sweet, sweet self and that makes Lena even fall harder for her. Then Lena notices that Kara is looking at her in a certain way. An incredibly funny and awkward move by Kara is followed by a revealing talk. After that, more pleasant activities ensue 😏🔥.

Just a sweet, sweet short story with the usual clueless Kara and pining Lena. But it all ends very, very well 🥰.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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