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Clexa fanfiction
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I read She some time ago and I believe it is now a classic Clexa fic. And I understand why. It’s a college AU but not in the usual way, in my opinion. There’s angst but not too much. It’s just about two young woman haphazardly falling in love by being in the wrong place at the right time 🥰.

Clarke Griffin and Lexa Woods are roommates. But this is definitely not by choice. Clarke was too late to complete her sophomore year residency application. For that reason that leaves her with Lexa and they are not friends. Far from it.

They are opposites. Clarke likes to party, coming home drunk most nights. Lexa doesn’t have friends at college and devotes her time on her studies. Still, as time goes on and Lexa seems actually really nice and not judgemental. Clarke sees that there’s more to Lexa than meets the eye at first glance. They become tentative friends. And when the tables are turned and Lexa is the one in need of taking care of, they become more.

The way thefooliam brings these two together is so beautiful and heartfelt. It’s not an easy road and it’s not obvious that they will fall in love. They get there slowly but surely and I love how She unwinds their story ❤️.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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