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Supercorp fanfiction
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I must admit I never finished watching Supergirl SE06. It’s not that I didn’t want to. I just couldn’t. [starts venting] It was too awful. No idea what the folks that run the show were going after with the mess they made with that last season. It was a crying shame what they produced and what they put our beloved characters through, the scripts they had them use. And the way they made them look while performing it 😲😖 [ends venting]. So thank you searidings for putting this beautiful spin on all that with For All The Things My Hands Have Held 👏!

Kara is trying to outbest Nyxly in finding the 7 all-powerful totems. She has to because if Nyxly succeeds before she does, Nyxly will have the All Stone to wield with the absolute power that comes with it. But it’s not easy, even with the help of the whole gang. The one who is best in helping her retrieve the totems is Lena. Lena and her magic. Lena and the love she feels for Lena. Through all the trials and tribulations they go through to together, she realises more and more that Lena is the one she wants to be with. The one that she is in love with.

Several times Kara almost professes her love to Lena. But very annoyingly so, they get disturbed every time 😏. That’s ok though, safe the best for last 😇. Kara and the gang succeed in the end to defeat Nyxly and Lex, who came to assist Nyxly. Now Kara has to decide what to do with her life, does she want to stay Supergirl and keep hiding her identity? Or does she accept Cat’s job offer and reveal her identity to the world? And what about her and Lena?

Ah, and this is why I am so glad fanfiction exists 🥰! And that there are so many excellent writers, such as searidings, in this fandom. They make it all better ❤️.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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