Stolen Hearts – Eliza Lentzski

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I’m back 🎉! It’s been a while because of life and such, but there were some new titles I just couldn’t stay away from 😊. Like this one, book 6 in the Don’t Call Me Hero series. I was really looking forward to the newest Eliza Lentzski, and I must say that I felt uhm, not quite satisfied 🤔. But I think there’s more to this sixth installment then meets the eye, so to speak.

Cassidy and Julia are moving forward in their relationship. Getting even more used of living together. Meanwhile Julia is getting ready to start her new job at a prestigious law firm, trying to get her mother in a suitable nursing home, and starts with project baby.

During all this, Cassidy is getting dragged in a colder than cold case. She gets dragged into it by a True Crime podcaster, who is inquiring about their progress – if any – on the appearance of a young indigenous woman in 1984. The obnoxious woman steers them in the right direction of actually breaking this case, maybe.

Then there are some big developments in the romantic department. One sort of by accident, and the other by design. Cassidy has to be brave in both cases. But can and will she? It feels like she must if she wants to keep enjoying the steamy sex she and Julia have together 🔥.

So why did I think there is more to this than you might think? Well, first of there are all kind of loose ends in the romance that need a follow-up 🥰. But also, the case of the missing girl seems to be solved. But is it really? All in all, I liked Stolen Hearts. The Cassidy/Julia dynamic is just delicious. Even more so now I know that Eliza Lentzski based the characters with Regina Mills and Emma Swan in her mind 😏.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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