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It’s november. I had imagined this year to be very different than it is. It has been such a rollercoaster. I couldn’t read my beloved lesbian romance novels anymore, or hardly. Why? Because I had my very own lesbian drama. I was living my own lesbian romance novel. A number of tropes applied. And I felt it all, all and every emotion you can imagine involving love and romance. Good and bad.

But during it all, I missed writing on my blog. For months I tried to get back to it. Started reading a novel, put it down again. Read a supposedly sure thing and was disappointed. Now, finally I feel I might be able to get back into it. Get the space I need to read, the calm. Reading is almost like meditating for me. Strangely enough, meditating works the same for me. When I’m too stressed I can’t meditate 😂.

Thanks to those who visited while I was away and remain interested ❤️. Hopefully I will write more articles very soon. I have ideas, I always do 😏.

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