Why this blog?

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In the beginning

When I was a teenager, I already read romance novels. Harlequin series etc. And don’t forget Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss. So romantic! And sexy 🔥! I knew then that I found girls more interesting than boys (I was in love with Shanna and wanted to be Ruark 😏). But about love between two women, like the love between Shanna and Ruark, those books weren’t there. I didn’t know them anyway.

In the 1990s I discovered that there were indeed books that described the romantic love between two women. Today, these books fall into the category of lesfic (Lesbian Fiction), queersapphic, or wlw (Women Loving Women) books. But back then they were hard to find in Dutch bookstores. One time I was referred to the Sociology department when I inquired! That had to change. That’s why I started with my then partner Les Bises, a mail order company that I described as something like Bookspot for lesbians 😉. I really liked doing that. And it turned out to be very welcome!

In 2000 Les Bises stoppedAnd reading lesfic and f/f fanfiction, which I had also discovered in the meantime, became less. Years later, in 2009, I started a site to offer fanfic stories ready-to-read on an e-reader. Because of things, you know life and stuff, I stopped doing that too.

Why now?

In 2020, due to the pandemic, I became addicted to lesfic and fanfic again. This was mostly due to reading the fabulous fanfic don’t wanna be your girl by faithtastic. I started this blog to share my enthusiasm about the books and stories I’ve read that made me happy. Beautiful, moving, exciting, romantic, surprising, even informative, I can find everything in it. I write about why the book or fic made me happy, what it did or meant to me. I will do my very best not to give away too many spoilers 😏. My blog is about my personal recommendations. It’s not a review site 😉.

My reading preference

What I look for in romance novels: I love novels that are well-written, have a lot of – witty – dialogue, don’t have too many side characters, have strong and believable MC’s, include steamy scenes (but not exclusively, sometimes less is more!), not too angsty, and last but not least; the romance has to be believable, I need to be able to fall in love with the couple and their love story.

Same goes for fanfics of course, plus I prefer to read completed and not too lengthy stories or one-shots. I exclusively read lesbian (f/f) stories, MC’s have to treated with respect, a story may be AU, canon, fanon, canon divergence AU, it’s all good. I find that I enjoy a story with a bit of controversy, to be a bit more than sweet or fluffy. Maybe that’s why I love omegaverse so much. In that respect there’s a fine line. Sometimes I feel like I’m reading porn that is more focused on pleasing men, that’s fine but not for me.

Enjoy my blog. Maybe there’s something you like. If you have any questions, comments or your own recs, do not hesitate to contact me by using the contact form or by email (mylesficfavs@gmail.com). I would love to hear from you.

Wilma 🌷💚